Entry and visa

The information on entry/visa regime can be found on https://punetejashtme.gov.al/files/userfiles/3-VISA%20REGIME%20FOR%20FOREIGN%20CITIZNES%2024.06.2021.pdf

Visa application can be done through https://e-visa.al/  or https://e-visa.al/apply

The whole procedure is online, not through the Albanian embassy. Even the approval is online. You may print the visa confirmation and have it on the cell phone too.

Regarding the visa application, each participant should request an invitation from FEL. Our Center, will parallelly contact the Albanian immigration authorities to confirm the participation and the invitation to the FEL 25 conference. Together with the required documents and FEL conference invitation, the visa applicant must also include the hotel reservation. You may consult this webpage information on accommodation in Tirana. You may also contact our center for assistance

Edmond Cane: Cel & Whatsapp: 00355 69 30 42 631

e-mail: Edmond.cane@qspa.gov.al;

Visa fee – Albania usually applies reciprocity regarding visa fees. The payment is made online.

The list of documents required for the visa procedure must be uploaded. The original documents are kept by the person himself/herself.

Our Center is in touch with the Immigration Police and will assist you through the procedure. For any questions that comes up, please contact:

Contact person: Edmond Cane

Cel & WhatsApp: 00355 69 30 42 631

e-mail: Edmond.cane@qspa.gov.al; ecane2000@yahoo.com

Important: For the visa application, you need to ask FEL to send you the conference invitation Contact:

Eda Derhemi (edaderhemi@gmail.com) and/or Edmond Cane (Edmond.cane@qspa.gov.al)