Travel to Albania

There are several airlines/flights that have Tirana as their destination: Lufthansa, Austrian, Tui, Alitalia, Turkish Air, Greek (Pegasus, Aegean)

There are also small-budget flights by: Wizz Air, Albawings, Air Albania

Key words regarding trip to Albania:

Tirana – Albanian capital city

TIA – Tirana International Airport (also called “Mother Theresa” Airport) – is the airport in Tirana


Travel from Tirana airport to the city

Public Bus – there is a bus service, running every hour, from 08.00 till 24.00. The bus rate is 300 ALL (about 2.5 euros) –

Local currency  – ALL (Albanian Lek)

The local currency is Albanian Lek

The exchange rate: 1 euro = 1.21 ALL

There are also taxis (licensed to operate at the airport, outside the departure. The taxi fare is about 20 euros. It is about 30-minute drive (20 km from Tirana)